Age uke (Rising block) is a block that protects the face from the neck to just above the hairline. Done properly and with enough force it will damage the opponents striking hand or arm. It is especially useful for exposing your opponent's midsection to a counter strike during kumite.


Starting position:

  • Blocking hand starts in hikite.

  • Counter hand is extended and palm up at center-chest and protects the midsection.


As the block moves:

  • Move the fist across the center of the body to the opposite side of the chin, palm toward face, making sure your elbow stays tucked in.

  • From your chin, lead with the knuckles upward and outward to diagonally cross your face.

  • Torque is applied by turning your hand and arm outward at nose level (point of impact) to end at a 45 degree angle.

  • As blocking hand extends, counter hand pulls back into hikite adding additional power.


Ending Position:

  • The arm is approximately 9" from forehead and approximately 2" above hair line.

  • The striking surface of this block is 4 finger-widths from wrist on the outside of forearm.


The torque added by turning the hand over at the point of impact is one of the secrets to making this an effective technique. The forearm bone multiplies the damage done to the opponents arm.

MUDANSHA TIPS: Do not be afraid to practice Age Uke (as well as all the waza of Genwakai) slowly. By slowly I mean anywhere from 1/2 speed to maddeningly slow. Try doing 25 Age Uke in reps that take 15 to 30 seconds. This affords the mind/body/spirit of the Karateka the time and mental/physical space to memorize a focused, technically pure technique.

  • Pay attention that you do not submit to the urge of using the hips or twisting the body into a torque like effect like other karate styles do, as they do this to develop power. Genwakai masters it's Uke Waza with a static, non moving base. Your hips to the soles of feet should be locked and immobile. This will make you develop balance and strong hips, strong dachi, and strong arms. Your Age uke (as well as all blocks/uke waza) will become not only strong and fast blocks by themselves, they become all most like strikes, fast and damaging by their own movement. There is much to learn in that concept. Study it hard.

Yudansha: Some of the kata of Genwakai have various blocks and strikes coming from changing levels of body axis. Older versions of kata in earlier Okinawan styles of Karate (Te) execute age uke with a lowering of the body's axis, then rising into the block. The boxer Mike Tyson in his prime had a savage upper cut. He would bend very low, often out at an angle to avoid a strike with head movement, then pivot on his hips and balls of foot into the center line low, and then just explode up the center line, his bent knees shooting him up while jacking the upper cut at the optimal peak of energy into his opponents chin. Think of the possibilities of your Age uke used as a offensive/defensive weapon with similar effect. Also, take note of the opposite hand pushing out, then pulling back to hikite as the block goes forward in basic training. What happens when you think of your hikite hand being a grab and pull and your Age uke a strike? Experiment with thoughtfulness.