This wiki page has been set up for students and teachers (sensei) of Nippon Karatedo Genwakai America so that they may share their knowledge and create a living tree of information for any other student to browse, question, or improve. Our first goal is to accurately catalog all GWK techniques/kata in writing, picture, and video format. Our second goal is for GWKA yudansha to share their training exercises, teaching tips, technical insights, history lessons, and experiences throughout the pages of this wiki. Please familiarize yourself with the wiki rules of use in order to help us achieve these goals. If you are a licensed instructor of GWK in America then please apply for membership and feel free to make adjustments to this wiki. If you are a student of GWKA then feel free to browse the information and ask questions or suggest changes to your sensei when you see them in person.

Genwakai (GWK) is a Japanese form of martial art in which students learn to strike their opponent with fists, forearms, feet, shins, knees, and elbows. This art was began by Yoichi Takahashi (B.K.A. Nango Tsugumasa), along with a handful of students in Japan during the 1950's and has since spread to include Genwakai America (GWKA) in the United States under the guidance of James I. Rodriguez. GWKA currently includes two training halls (dojo), close to a dozen certified instructors practicing in 6 cities across the US; it is kept alive through annual seminars and well attended events at the two dojo. Learn more about our history here, or examine our lineage here.

GWK has become known for its highly effective, yet easy to learn techniques which allow students to improve mind and body while learning to attack with total commitment, concentrating physical and spiritual energy into a single technique of overwhelming power. GWK emphasizes large, powerful movements which require students to combine precision, strength, and speed (without trading one for the other), into visually and physically explosive techniques. A motto of GWK is "One hit, one kill." Another is "If it's worth doing, then it's worth over doing." Long time students of Genwakai become indomitable in all areas of life as dedicated, vibrant, studious, and focused individuals. Learn more about the philosophy of our style here.

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